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by donb
Rated: 13+ · Fiction · Dark · #2280385
Space is vast. If only mankind's vision were as well.
Death of a planet
Director: Doctor did you manage to salvage and decipher the items from that probe we intercepted?
Doctor: Yes, the gold disk was especially useful. Rudimentary mathematics that among other things describes a planet near the Sagittarius dwarf elliptical galaxy which appears to be populated by sanctioned beings. We are currently working telemetry to pinpoint the exact source of the probe's origin.
Director: Thank you Doctor, keep me posted.
Some time later.
Doctor: Director we have located a system of planets that the probe may have originated from. Using the data extracted from the gold disk we built a simple magnetic transceiver with improved transmission and reception speed and are receiving audible signals from the system. However the audible signals we have recently received differ greatly from those extracted from the gold disk.
Director: How so?
Doctor: The recent audio appears to be more stressful and mentions great hardships the beings of the system are experiencing. Such hardships, brought on by the beings themselves, it seems they may be destroying their world. Such as war. Do you remember war Director?
Director: Vaguely from ancient history files. When our society was primitive and careless. What do you propose, Doctor?
Doctor: I propose the council approve an expedition to this system. Possibly to learn more and to offer some assistance.
Director: But Doctor aren't the original transmissions quite dated due to distance? They may have rendered their planet a class F and exterminated themselves by now. We shouldn't waste valuable resources on such a risky venture. Especially dealing with primitive and destructive beings.
Doctor: After responding to the transmissions with our improved technology and waiting for a reply, I had a feeling they might have prevailed and may still be salvageable. After all, we were once a similar society.
Director: This is a moot point, thank you and your team for your efforts. Go ahead and archive your findings and end research immediately. There are other tasks at hand.
Doctor: Yes Director as he shuts down the equipment and archives the files.
Unbeknown to the Doctor and Director a transmission was being received just as the equipment powered down.
Hello from Earth. We are pleased to know someone is out there. It's taken a century but we survived our self inflicted armageddon and we are attempting to work out our differences and rebuild. We desperately need assistance or we just might not survive another century.
As a century passes.
Earth: Hello, this is an automated distress message from planet earth. Please respond...

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