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When love endures. [11.11.1982 - 11.11.2022]
A lifetime consists of many
moments and emotions.
Where a moment can seem to last a lifetime
and a lifetime is but a moment.

For some this is enough.
For others it is never enough,
as it's an insatiable hunger
whose thirst is unquenchable.

A lifetime is a commitment
of bonding, courtship, loyalty,
trust and romance.
Expecting the same in return.

A lifetime is being able to respond
in a mature way to the bad and ugly times, holding no grudges.
Leaving the past behind, forever looking
towards the future with no regrets.

A lifetime can be deafening
when you're not willing to listen;
And the only words you will hear
echoing back are your own.

A lifetime is being patient
in trying to reach her heart,
eventually leading to her soul.
Where many have not been able to find and far fewer will ever attain.

A lifetime is the
realization that, when you treasure one another
as being the only one; You will have unlocked
the secrets of the others being.

What is a lifetime?
When both soulmates embrace,
until one soul emerges
from the two.

Stanzas = 8
Lines = 32
words = 187
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