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Milkshakes & Typewriters
Her fairy lights flickered, Lenoria stared confused for moment until she shrugged it off. Probably the storm.
She sighed and strolled towards the bathroom. her phone blared heavy metal, she dashed to it and picked it up.

"Hayyy bitch!" A bubbly yet raspy voice boomed. Lenoria pulled the phone away, rubbing her ear.

"Do you always have to do that, Saha?"

"Yesss, of course. gotta wake up your brains somehow,"

Saha said. "I'm coming over in a few, you do remember that…right?"

Lenoria rubbed over her rose tattooed neck. "uhm..."

"Oh, pulled another all-nighter?"

"Yeah," she laughed nervously. "A monkey behind a typewriter could write more cohesive shit than i did yesterday."

"You gotta be taking more care of yourself, beating yourself up isn't gonna help you, hunny"

"Eh, I guess."

"Remember what I said last time?"

"Each time you have failed is a sign that you've tried?"

"EXACTLY! It's a damn pile of tries that builds you up, so, be proud because it shows you are getting better"

The ice melted of Lenorias face, a smile growing in its place. "I see you’ve got another career change, huh?"

"Baby, what are you talking about?" she laughed.

"Oh, so you are telling me you aren't becoming a motivational speaker?"

Saha was silent for a moment.

"You know... that's actually not a bad idea!"

"There she goes again..."

"Okay so-" Saha rambled on about how to combine it with her travel cosplay videos. Lenoria listened with a smirk to the unbelievable amount of rabbit holes her passionate rants dug.

"Aight, I'm by your stop now and-"

"Shit, what?" Lenoria glanced at her cave of a room.

"Sorry." She hung up and bolted around picking up all the trash from the floor, throwing the clothes under the bed and straightening it's sheets and pillows with the speed of car engine glued to her bottom. Lenoria jumped into the shower, but just before she could finish washing her hair she heard the bell ring. Almost slipping, she took her towel and ran towards the door.

"Bitch, you dare hanging up on me?!" Her last words fading as she scanned Lenoria from the top to bottom up. "Damn, that's some eye service you givin' me here… All is forgiven." Sahas smirk could make even the devil ashamed.

Heat came up Lenorias cheeks. She marched off to her closet. "You better." She barked out.

"Mhm, feistyyy" She purred, imitating a cat with her long pastel nails. Saha puffed up her platinum afro hair as she glanced around the room.

"Oh my goddess," saha gasped " you actually cleaned up for once?!"

Lenoria, as easily readable as always, looked away.

"Oh... You just did this before I came, huh?" Saha shook her head and strolled towards the kitchen and propped her self-sewed designer bags and wet umbrella unto the kitchen island. Lenoria approached behind her, inspecting the various pictures and papers saha had scattered on the island.

"So, who are you cosplaying?"

"I don't know," she shrugged. "but in two days I’m gonna need photo content for the promotion”

"Always doing the same shit last minute, huh?"

"Hellooo, look at yourself, bunny!" she waved her claws at the apartment.

"Different priorities." Lenoria shrugged.

"Taking care of yourself should be on the first line"

"Okay, mom."

"If i ain’t gonna mom you, who else is gonna do that? You?"

Saha chuckled. Lenoria rolled her eyes.
Saha pulled out from her bags make-up sets, wild clothes and its decor. While Lenoria set out to make black coffee and fruit milkshake for Saha, setting them on the round table.

"Thank you, sweetie." said Saha and inhaled the milkshake. She froze, shook her head with her fluffy curly bounced behind her.

"Damn, that's so good!" she puffed out, a smile so radiant it could blind an already blind person.

"I'll never understand your thing for brain-freeze." Lenoria laughed, shaking her head.

"It's like mini ecstasy pings, how could I NOT like it!"


They sat down together at the table and brainstormed ideas of what Saha could cosplay as. Pictures laying on the glass round table and a few design descriptions with crudely drawn figures representing them.

"Ugh, every character has been cosplayed by someone else already." Saha leaned down and pinched the bridge of her nose, her face bitter as if she ate a lemon. Lenoria bit her lip piercing in thought. She didn't wanted to see Saha disappointed like this.

A Lightbulb popped above her head. "What if you use one of the characters from my book I’m currently writing?" Lenoria said. The fairy lights above her desk flickered again, She needs to check the cables of these lights.

"Oh, my, GODDESS! Why didn't you say that earlier." Saha shook Lenorias shoulder, she almost felt her soul leave her at that moment. "Show me how they look!"

Lenoria pulled out her character descriptions and references bullet-board from her laptop.

"Who do you want?"

"Mhm." Saha leaned into her hand, searching within her minds eye.

"Aight, maybe someone non-binary. Kinda gothic and baddass?"

Lenoria shuffled through her character notes and found one similar to what Saha wants. Lenoria frowned, she noticed this character is barely completed.

"Their name is Touluoci or-"

Her laptops screen blinked white and black until it completely shut off, she pushed the power button on again. It wouldn't turn on. "Huh?!" All the lights began to flicker again.

"Oh hell nah. What is happening?!" Saha said, gripping on Lenorias arm as she looked around. The electricity cut off with only dim city lights illuminating their corner of the house and heavy spits of rain striking the windows.
"It’s probably just the storm, I’m gonna check the..." Lenoria noticed Saha staring wide eyed outside the window like a dear paralysed by headlights.

The whole city turned dark.

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