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Every year millions of people disappear with nobody even recollecting their existence...
"Tick Tick Tick..." The endless ticking never seemed to end. Droning for seemingly forever, but the ticking wasn't the only problem. The humming sound from the fluorescent lights above gave an addition to the annoying background. How was anyone supposed to focus in a place like this?

Torture would be a better word for this instead of detention... She thought to herself.

"Hold on!"


"Who the heck are you talking about?"

Henrietta was-

"There is no way that someone called a girl Henrietta in 2034..."

Prissila was-

"You don't actually know her name do you?"


"Well I'll call her May since that's the coolest person I know."

MAY was someone you could call a rather troublesome child, but not in the way you think. Instead of causing problems she would try her hardest to stop any and every mean behavior she encountered in the school. Once 6th grade had passed a few months, she had began to be given the nickname of, "Defender of the Weebs". Only issue with that was that all of her friends were weebs she had protected from other hormonal tweens/teens.

And this clock wasn't going any faster in approaching 5pm... , but that was fine. Dinner would be ready and waiting for her by the time she would be walking down into her neighborhood. She hoped it would finally be grilled chicken sandwiches, yet seeing that there wasn't any chicken in the meat compartment of the fridge, she wasn't holding her breath.

"DING DING DING DING DING" The clock ended and there was a moment of peace and quiet in that room.

"Okay you're all dis-" A blur ran past her vision swinging the door open.

"Bye Mrs. Cradle, see you never!" May yelled as she realized she was finally free! Never again would she have to be in that awful torture chamber, and now she can finally go home.

The Autumn breeze felt great against her face as she began to dash out of the Middle School and begin running towards her home. She could get home and take a shower to get the gross feeling from gym a few hours ago! Not only that, but food! Though she was starving, she was running relatively quickly onto the sidewalk of her neighborhood. The occasional crunch of leaves as she ran made it that much more fun for her. It was so fun in fact, that she forgot to breathe for a second. She stopped immediately and began gasping for air feeling sharp pain in her lungs from exerting them. Catching her breathe, she began to head towards home, this time at a walking pace. She couldn't hear any cars nearby, so she saw fit to begin crossing over to the side with her house on it.

Wait huh? She couldn't hear anything... it was quiet except for the breeze and ruffling of leaves, but this? This was not just quiet, it was dead silent. Nothing was making a single sound except for her heavy breathing. She looked around in bewilderment wondering if she had suddenly become deaf of some sort. Something Shimmering on the road caught her eye. It appeared to be some kind of wispy little line as she began to walk near it. She didn't know why, but something within her wanted to grab at it immediately.

"NO! You've seen way too many horror plots to know this is how you'll die." May had came to logical deduction that this wasn't safe to be near, but the moment she turned away from gazing at it, she looked at it again right away. The line began to split within the center and maintained it's connection on the ends. As it split, May did not see the other side of the road, but a glowing white with rainbow streaks world beyond. It seemed endless, like a bundle of energy, and it gave off a warm comforting heat. Without even realizing, May was already peeking halfway into this astounding world through what seemed to be a portal. Right as she was about to jolt away, darkness fell over her vision. Her consciousness swirling away into sleep.
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