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by BB
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Summer, nature, children's laughter.. what a beautiful day
As I step out to greet the day,
With the sun shining on my face.
I can't help but to pray,
And thank God for His grace.

The trees are swaying in the breeze,
As a bird chirps it's lovely tune.
And now I am trying to squeeze,
Every ounce of this day in June.

Leaves are rustling right next to me,
I hear the sound of little feet.
Its a chipmunk I see,
Stuffing corn in it's cheek.

The smell of roses fill the air,
The aroma tickles my nose.
I sit without a care,
Running grass through my toes.

In the distance I see the sun,
A bee is buzzing all around.
Children are having fun,
All jumping up and down.

Their laughter so soothing to hear,
Rejoicing the day away.
Brings joy to my ears,
Listening to them play.

And as the sun begins to set,
The end of a wonderful day.
Time passed without regret,
How I wish it would stay.

Just like a portrait in my mind,
This day always frozen in time.
For God has been so kind,
It was more than sublime.
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