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About aging and feeling the bones ache but knowing we never truly grow up.
Missing the fields where I used to play, growing old is no fun they say
My bones now ache as I age so slow, too old to joke, this is not my day.

Remembering my youth where things were fun, now life is grey, no joy no sun
Yes I am scared of dying alone, but I know that it's ok when my time is done.

As I grow older I need more sleep, thinking back there's no time to weep
I gracefully age and ponder the times, when being a kid, drinking lemon and lime.

All my friends have now gone and dispersed, childhood memories, fun was first
As I recall life is hard and unfair, but when we are children we play without care.

So take a minute to remember your youth, times were joyful, your memories are proof
This poem is sadly not fun and nor happy, but I still feel strong, a happy chappie.

I remember Christmas, the best time of all, everyone happy and standing tall
As I look back, I remember the love, the love of my parents, family and all.

So grow old with me as I approach 51, that is not old, there's still time for fun
So now I will party and have a beer, act like a child and see out the year.

Writing this poem has helped me shine, I will stop bloody moaning and relish the time
Join me my people and dance and sing, for life is puzzle if that's what you think.

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