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by BB
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The story of Adam and Eve
In the beginning,
God created,
the Heavens and the Earth.

In only six days,
on the seventh,
He rested from His work.

Saw that it was good,
and then He made,
a man with only dirt.

But he was alone,
and so God made,
him a wife for support.

Together they lived,
In the garden,
naked, and without shame.

For day after day,
they talked with God,
and walked with Him the same.

There they lived in peace,
with God's creatures,
giving them all a name.

But then the woman,
became deceived,
when that sly serpent came.

They could eat all fruit,
except for one,
God said, to let it be.

The tree of knowledge,
could open eyes,
give them wisdom to see.

Because of the snake,
his wife did eat,
from the fruit of that tree.

She gave some to him,
and he did eat,
now they both pay the fee.

Their eyes were opened,
they were naked,
ashamed, and so they hid.

Then along came God,
to see the man,
and He knew what they did.

God had cursed them both,
He kicked them out,
the fruit they ate, forbid.

As for the serpent,
was cursed to crawl,
now we stomp on his head.

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