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Rated: 13+ · Fiction · Action/Adventure · #2281006
Apocalyptic Dreams (still editing)
Arrival of Doomsday

A brisk cold winter's night, snow falling from the sky, in northern Louisiana, yet she decided she wanted to go out to the store for a midnight snack. When she had finally gotten the car warmed up and driven out toward the highway, she pulled over to the side of the road awestruck at what she saw.

The town about a mile from where she lived was all ablaze. There is no sky 'cept for what the town's smoke blanketed. Every building is struggling to stand tall and withhold every second of fiery pain that the flaming death bestowed upon it. Some buildings stood tall like fearless soldiers in a war, whilst others crumbled to their death.

Behind her, in her rear view mirror a storm cloud approached that sent her mind rapidly thinking of survival. For this looked to be no regular storm cloud, it was very strange, and it was almost tornado weather, yet it had been snowing just seconds ago. There was a crossroad about a block from her car, that, to the best of her knowledge, did not go far. To the left of that crossroad was clear sky and no fire. To her right was a ditch, that which, she had parked beside. Should she wait it out in that ditch, or should she go to the left and find a safer place to take cover of whatever may be coming her way? She looked back to her left and the way was still clear. She decided to look back to her right for a final decision, and within those few seconds something had suddenly appeared at her right car door window banging on the glass, with dried up blood on it's face. She screamed and almost lost control of her "survival" instinct. She could not know what it was that was banging on her window, she only knew that logically zombies or vampires did not exist.

It did not matter, the road to the left that led to places that she had not yet been, looked a lot safer then where she was now...

All she could think of when she sped away from the blood thirsty or flesh hungry creature was...

Why didn't I just stay at home asleep? Then suddenly she thought, wait, maybe it is just a dream. It has to be a dream. She pinched herself and even slapped her face. Nothing. C'mon usually at this point she woke up and breathed quite frantically, but this time... nothing. She screamed to the top of her lungs as tears escaped her eyes, whilst slamming the brakes, as she faced the demon from her actual dreams itself! Her car curved off to a ditch when it fishtailed, and she blacked out.

She awoke to her sense's moments later, as a small drop of blood seeped through the scratch on her forehead, looked at all of her surroundings and thought...

Dooms Day has arrived!

January 11th 2011
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