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Rated: 13+ · Fiction · Horror/Scary · #2281007
A supernatural dream (still editing)
To Die or to be Scared to death

To die or to be scared to death

My breath was scarce, palms were sweating, as I took hold of the wheel with all my might. The red car in front of me was swaying profusely. My heart felt as if it had stopped many minutes ago. If I timed it right, I might be able to pass it, but that didn’t help the cars behind us. I slowed a bit and waited for a slight moment. The car behind me was getting restless, and I knew at any moment it would try to pass both of us on this double lane one-way road. I knew what would happen to me if I died, but I didn’t know what would happen to anyone else. Knowing this, I made a rash decision. It was better me then them.
I sped up, and at the opportune moment pulled up behind the red car. The next few moments were a bit of a blur. I then locked my car with the red car from behind. With all my strength I tried to push it off of the side of the road without hurting anyone else. As if we were in a movie, the maneuver had worked the way I had planned. We finally stopped in the ditch alongside the road. I heard people braking hard behind us, and then speeding up, as the road grew clear.
I took in a deep breath, as I turned off my motor. I then put my cell phone in my pocket and went to check on the driver of the little red car. The driver was a blonde headed young woman. My heart seemed to stop again. She was lying back in her seat, and her eyes were rolled in the back of her head. She was convulsing in shakes. Her body was as frail as her skin was pale. She looked anemic. I knew not to move her from her position, but I wanted to help her. I blinked a few times then called 911.
Later I was at the hospital, and I was checking on the woman. She was in a rehabilitation room with no one around. I wondered why there wasn’t anyone to help this woman, but the room had become a ghost room save for her presence.
At that moment, all I could see was the back of her head. She was sitting on the floor, still as death itself. I walked up to her as closely as I could without scaring her. Then she tried to talk to me, as if she had known that I had been there the whole time. I walked around to see her face, when suddenly she transformed. She became an animal of some sort.
My heart pounded out of my chest, and I screamed. I wanted out. I couldn’t get out. Thump. Thump. Thump. Thump. Thump. Soon, I could feel my heart’s pulse slow from its normal rhythm. With each changing set of rhythms my heart thumped one less time. Thump. Thump. Thump. Thump. I was scared, I wanted out. Please help me. Help me. I cried.
The creature changed again. It changed form into my brother. Thump. Thump. Thump. The rhythm of my heart continued to die out. All I could see was the back of my little brother; I slowly walked to him. Thump. Thump. I walked around to the front of him, knowing it wasn’t going to be what I expected, but I slipped around slowly anyways. I SCREAMED! Thump. ……… I grabbed my chest as my heart had stopped and I screamed again. “Jesus! Help me!”…Moments later I awoke. I am alive. I am still alive. My body was hot with sweat, my hair matted, and my heart was trying to catch up with me. I took long deep breaths as I repeated in my mind. I am alive. I am still alive.

July 1rst 2006

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