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What happens when an American woman is offered a top position....in Korea!
The Leading Lady

Chapter 1 Part 1

~Parkers POV~

         You know those moments in Korean dramas where the girl meets the cold and ruthless CEO and they go through these fiasco's and fall in love? You would figure those moments were just that. The moments that stay on the tv, the moments that you wish you could have in real life. Yeah I was that girl. I was the girl who would be wrapped up in the dramas. The girl who worked the low class economy job and wished I could be that girl who falls in love with the CEO. Of course not for the money! What kind of girl do you think I am! No, I wanted the romance, the love, the moment you get swept up into it and wished those warm fuzzy feelings would engulf you. That was until Mr. Big Shot shot showed up into my life.

         Let me back up a minute. I'm jumping into my story before you even know who I am. Hi. I'm Parker. Parker Kenley. I am currently 25 years old and I was just like you that girl who worked my fingers to the bone as a head concierge and then came home and immersed myself in a good asian drama. Now my looks aren't that of a super models or the actresses you see on the tv. You could say I'm 5'3 with an average body. Little did I know all that would change the day he came into my life. Here lets back up to two years ago.


         My day started off like any other day. I woke up, pushed aside my black shirts and grabbed my suit, it wasn't as fancy like Gucci or anything just a simple business suit I bought at JCPenny, I moved into the bathroom trying to brush out the knots in my shoulder length red hair and then brushing my teeth. Can't let the guests smell my rank breath of fried squid. As I stood waiting for the bus I placed an ear bud into my right ear. I was feeling up for a little ZZ TOP but decided to settle on some Big Bang (Korean Boyband). I had always been found weird for having a variety music taste. Honestly, I've never been one to care about what others thought of me. I had to learn from a young age that in order to get through life I had to be tough. I was always the kid that everyone loved to pick on, but only because I lost my mom when I was 5. My dad worked all the time just to make ends meet for me and him. That is why I chose to go straight to work right after college. However, I didn't think a year and one Bachelor's degree later I would be a head concierge for a living. My job in fact was to plan outings, sight seeing's, dinners, and what not for guests. Especially the important VIP guest. Now normally my day would begin with saying hello to everyone and making sure the reception staff had everything they needed for the incoming guests and VIPS. Today however would be a bit different as one of todays VIPs was coming all the way from Korea. This was one of the reasons why the hotel had hired me on was to handle the international clients. Now, I'm not skilled in every language but I do know my way around Korean and Chinese.

         "Parker, Mr. Radstein is looking for you," a blonde haired looking woman said calling out to me. Great just what I wanted is to see that weasel who smelt like he walked through the men's cologne section of a department store. "Alright let me set my stuff down at my desk and I will go see him," I said turning to the blonde girl trying not to hide my annoyance. Don't get me wrong my boss isn't a complete bad guy....ok he's the sleaziest. Mr. Radstein is one of those bosses who likes to kiss up to VIP clients and treat anyone lower like dirt and of course those who don't play by his rules or kiss up to him. I however do neither one of those which is why I get all the tough VIPs. Mr. Radstein learned when I first started that I would not be one of those to kiss up to him and he learned quickly by giving me a series of test and hard to deal with guests that I was not leaving so easily.
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