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Takuya is a college student, who's life gets flipped upside down, after calling one number

In Japan, and well some more of the world now, there are rental girlfriend services. The entire idea of it, is that lonely people, people who need a quick date, or whatever can call in and arrange a appointment with a girlfriend. Payment will depend on the hours, and amount of places, one takes their rental girlfriend. Rental girlfriends also have limits, to of course, protect the girls that work there, some of the restricts include little physical contact, no kissing, no sexual actions, the lists goes on. Finishing up, if one of the rental girlfriend’s is to want a boyfriend, she must check in with her manager, who can decide if she may have one, whilst working. Most of the time, the managers understand, but sometimes they don’t let anyone date their “precious” rental girlfriends.

To start the story, we begin two years ago, with our protagonist, Takuya Midorikawa, right now, he has just finished high school, and is planning to go to college, at Nexus University, where he then plans to study business and create his own business. Except, admission to Nexus University costs millions of yen, and he was working to make the money, but he wouldn’t get into Nexus, with not even half of his admission fee, he had returned home and had been home for nearly half a year, and had only now hit the halfway point, his future seemed like he’d be in college after he turned 20. An alarm blared through the morning peace, it’s time set to 5:40, Takuya got up, his hair messed up due to bed head. He slid off the side of his bed, and walked over to his bathroom, whilst grabbing a new pair of underwear, he entered the bathroom, and turned his shower on. The water began spraying out, a second later and Takuya stood in the mirror, looking at himself. He then entered his shower, and took a shower till 5:51, getting out and drying off, took him to 6am, he then exited his bathroom and entered his walk-in closet, grabbing his white shirt, black dress pants, black suit and black sneakers, he began getting dressed, as he turned on the news to get an idea what today’s fall day would bring. Before he could though, his father entered his room, his white hair looked like he barely did anything to it this morning, “Morning, son.” Takuya looked up, his long black hair, similar to Ken Kaneki’s Post-Aoigiri hairstyle, he replied, “Morning, you going to take long? I need to get ready for work.” His father shook his head, and said, “Quit your job.” Takuya gasped, and angerly, replied, “Quit my job? How then, will I get into Nexus University?” His father looked at him, straight on, no games or anything, Takuya hadn’t felt threatened much by his father, but today, this fact no longer held true. His father then said, “Since, you’ve worked your ass off, to get halfway, me, mom, and grandma have decided to give you, half and more to help you.” Takuya, was surprised and reasonably so, as he had good parents, and amazing grandparents, but his parents never seemed like they would’ve helped him out in any situation, but this had really surprised Takuya. Takuya got up, and hugged his father tight, his dream was now closer. Then before, any word could be said, Takuya’s grandmother, Akane opened the door, with his mother nearly right behind her. “Takuya! My grandson!” Akane called, Takuya smiled and hugged his grandma, they had a very close relationship, as Takuya had stayed with his grandma and grandfather, a bunch when he was younger. Although, when Takuya was about 7, his grandfather had passed away, and Akane was in the dumps for a while, but soon found joy in her life, seeing Takuya grow up.

A few days later, Takuya arrived at Nexus University, nearly an hour earlier then he needed to, although he would need to scope out the entire campus, whilst everyone had weeks to scope out campus. Takuya began running down the main walkway in Nexus, when a paper flew in his face. He grabbed it, and pulled it off, he looked at the title: “Rental Girlfriend Service.” Takuya, realized the paper he was holding, a flyer for the rental girlfriend services, this reminded him of how desperate some people can get. He folded the paper, and put it in his pocket, to recycle later. As he walked forward, he saw his friends, Akira Kurenai and Ren Aoi, he waved and called, “Yo, nerds! Long time, no see!” Akira and Ren turned to Takuya, and waved, Akira began running towards Takuya, his black and red highlighted hair, flew as he ran. Ren soon began running, he had deep brown hair, that’s length went to about the bottom of his chin. Akira’s hair was longer, it’s ends were about at the middle of his neck. Akira, then excitedly said, “Yo, Takuya! Still the lonely business nerd?” Takuya chuckled, and playfully slapped Akira’s shoulder, “Of course! Why, you got a girlfriend or something, or are you still the lonely soccer player?” Akira laughed, and said, “I’m the ex-lonely soccer player!” Takuya was once again, surprised, Akira had always been awed by girls, but he never wanted to date them, his love for soccer came first. But, now he had a girlfriend? Ren turned to Akira, and replied, “Well actually, we both have girlfriends and we were planning on going on a double date, this Saturday. You have anyone to bring Takuya?” Takuya looked down, he loved hanging out with his friends, and after being gone for three years, he wanted to hang out with his friends again. He gulped, and lied, “Yeah, I’ll come with my girlfriend.” Only, Takuya knew this was a blatant lie, the others thought he was telling the truth. Akira smiled, and said, “Let’s go! I’m so glad, you’re coming, Ren’s always so corny with girlfriend.” Takuya laughed, but deep down, he knew he’d lied and wouldn’t been able to hang with his friends, unless he’d get a girlfriend in four days, then it hit him. “I’m going to head to bathroom, see ya guys in class!” Takuya called, Akira and Ren were confused, by Takuya’s sudden dash, Takuya ran into the science building, and found the nearest break room. He entered it, the time was 6:25, students were being to come in, so he had to be quick. If he wanted to go with his friends, he’d need a girlfriend, and to quickly get one. He pulled the folded paper from his pocket, and read over everything quickly. “I guess, I’m a desperate idiot.” Takuya said to himself, as he pulled his phone out, and called the number. “Emerald Rental Service, how may I help?” A sweet voice said, from Takuya’s phone. “I’d like to rent a girlfriend.”
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