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The God of The Abyss gains a new purpose.
The war had calmed down
And punishment had been dished out
But The Abyss was confused
About what to pursue

"For what purpose am I here?"
The God of The Abyss
Had begun to face an even greater fear.
"Am I really here?

Do I matter at all to this world,
Or am I but a tool
A consumable
That has already been used?"

Hatred began to seed once again
But not at the gods
Or even the humans
A hatred that brewed

The world that brought it to be
That caused it all this pain.
"I need no name,"
Nameless whispered to this world

"I will not be controlled
And I will not be fooled
By the lie that has been created
I will show you a better world
You poor, lost fools..."

God of The Abyss
King of The Lost
Are not it's names
But the titles it has tamed.
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