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by Norman
Rated: E · Poetry · Nonsense · #2281138
He was a very ugly bug.
I squashed another bug today
and now I’m feeling sad.
I didn’t like the way he looked.
But does that make me bad?

He was a very ugly bug,
not like a butterfly.
So I just put my shoe on him
and then I said, “Goodbye.”

But I don’t know if that was right.
That bug did me no wrong.
And when it comes right down to it,
most bugs don’t last for long.

And who am I to take the life
of any thing at all?
I know it’s not right just because
I’m big and he was small.

But still I shouldn’t feel so bad.
That thing was just a bug.
It wasn’t some soft puppy dog,
the kind that you would hug.

But all God’s creatures have their place.
And really, who am I?
Just one more creature in this world
who’s trying to get by.

But I don’t like bugs, not a bit,
not fly, nor roach, nor louse.
Especially some scary bug
that creeps into my house.

Well, now that I have thought this out,
I just might change my ways.
Yeah, maybe I’ll just swat at them
And leave them in a daze.

I know I shouldn’t stomp on them.
I’d stop it if I could.
But that ain’t gonna happen soon
‘cause, boy, it feels so good.

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