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What was I thinking,
Where's My Mind?

Sometimes my mind just goes blank for no apparent reason. There I stand with no earthly idea what to do or say. I must look quite foolish to others. Everything I was going to do or say is no longer anywhere to be found. My mind is simply blank. Sometimes this mysterious phenomenon last only a few seconds, other times it goes on for days. When people ask me what are you thinking? I can honestly say nothing. I'm not sure at what moment a mind goes blank, but I have seen a lot of people staring off into space like they are lost. I think our minds go blank more often than we care to admit. My mind seems to go blank right when I need it most. If I go to the store I carry a list, just in case my mind decides to excuse itself. I think my mind does it on purpose, because it knows I can't do anything until it lets my thoughts come back.

My mind also likes to wander. Right out of the blue it starts jumping from thought to thought in random order and I get so confused sometimes I forget who and where I am. Now that's bad! My mind can do many things, go blank, wander, get confused and even drive me crazy. That's a thought! If your mind should wander off, become confused and go blank, you could end up in the hospital where because your mind is blank and you don't know who you are, they could put you in the nut house where you could really go crazy.

Don't believe for a minute that the mind can't make you do stupid stuff. Remember this next time you get a ticket for running a red light that your mind told you that you could beat. And when the gas beeper comes on, your mind tells you that there is enough to get to work, guess what? Wrong again. I'm not sure why my mind does what it does to me, but it seems to be doing it more often since I have become older. I don't remember my mind playing such cruel tricks on me when I was younger. As I get older though it plays all sorts of tricks on me. Like not reminding me where my car keys are when I went into labor at 3 a.m. in the morning and I had to take a cab to the hospital. Ask any woman in labor, that's a cruel trick!

Do you think your mind can be thought less? I do. Some days not a single thought enters my head, other days it's so full, it's like trying to catch a million butterflies with a net that has a hole in it. Your mind can get crowed sometimes when you have a busy day, but mine goes overboard. Besides all the things I have to remember, my mind thinks it funny to throw in things I've already done, so I end up repeating them. My mind likes to scare me, especially at night, all alone in the house. It tells me there are things at my window, like killers and bears, when it is only a tree branch hitting against the panes. It seems to know how gullible I am.

When my mind forgets thing sometimes it scares me into thinking I could really lose my mind. Can you really lose your mind? I think you can. Who’s to say? Maybe it gets when someone blows your mind with some awesome feat of amazement. For one short second your mind could get lost in all the excitement. When this happens perhaps, I could ask someone who reads minds to locate mine and tell it to get the hell back where it belongs.

Minds are an amazing thing. Sometimes mine tells me things I never thought I knew. I can be sitting there and boom, my mind tells me answers to questions I never knew I asked. You never really know what your mind can do. The question is without it, what can you do?
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