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by vapid
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sometimes the public good outweighs individual choice.
Tim's glowing green, he never was quite the healthiest,
the streams of chlorine let out usual instead let out a heavy mist,
borders drawn around without sand, though public treat them like a secessionist's.
"Don't get in the pool, it's not quite safe, around here, there's no such thing as an empty threat!"

Floaters in the bathtub,
everything empty subterranean,
though as far as the swimming pool goes
it's filled to the brink with uranium.

Extra eyes, another nose, secondary face developing
cotard's delusions more regular, doesn't make it less unsettling.
Modification, radiation repeat! And nothing done, we've got rules around meddling,
everyone reasonable packs there bags, gotta think about resettling!

Whiskey in the stomach,
food mixed with radiation,
time travels on the cards, so read your almanac,
thanks to pools filled with uranium!
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