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by Lev
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Piece of story I'm planning to write. Eventually...
"Baba" I complained, taking the pink coat from Baba's outreached hand. "It is completely unnecessary that I should be shipped off to a school I know hardly anything about." I pout, buttoning the clasps on the coat.
"We're not shipping you off Pandora don't be dramatic." Anne butted in the conversation rolling her eyes. She handed me a bag filled with school supplies. "It's an elegant school, famously known for raising rulers. Nothing but the best kizim" Anne swatted my hand away from fixing my hair and doing it herself.
"Annee I really don't want to go. I will be absolutely destroyed if I go." I pout, trying to change her mind.
"Hayir, Norra. You're going and that's absolute. The future Empress needs to be educated." Baba said exasperated with my antics. "I've finished loading the luggage, we can go to the airport now." Baba led me to the car he had planned to drive to the airport. I told him that he didn't need to come with me but they both insisted. By they, I'm talking about the two overprotective people in front of me. Caring and lovable but overprotective nonetheless.
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