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A story from my husband's youth
My Best Friend Bacon

My mom always made me go to church on Sunday morning. I always fussed about it, but I always went. One Sunday when I was 8 yrs. old, I remember the church was having a youth fair for all the kids. It was always fun at the fair. There were games, food and contests for all the kids. One of the contests on that Sunday was to let all the kids chase a greased pig around the yard. The preacher took the pig and poured oil all over it and then turned it loose. All the kids ran all over the yard and fell down on top of each other. The adults were sitting on the bleachers and watching. We could hear them laughing. I wanted so bad to catch that pig. I decided I would try to grab it by the neck instead of its feet. I took off running and when I got close enough, I made a
dive for the pig’s neck and got it. Another boy grabbed it at the same time by the legs and tried to pull it loose from my arms, but I hung on with all my might. We wrestled back and forth, but I wasn’t going to let go. Finally, he let go and the pig was all mine. I got up from the ground with muddy clothes and a big smile on my face.

Getting him home was another matter. Since we had come to church on the bus, that was the only way I had of getting him home. The other kids thought it was wonderful, but the bus driver wasn't happy at all. All the way home on the bus I talked to my pig, and I named him Bacon. I just knew mama would let me keep him. I would build him a pen and feed him every day.

After I got home, I had to have a place to put him, so I took him to the bathroom and put him in the tub. Just as I was coming out of the bathroom my mom was coming in. “What in the world is that pig doing in here Johnny?” she asked. “I won him at the fair mama, and this is the only place to put him.” “Well, he cannot stay in this house he is too dirty and so are you.” she said. “Take a bath and get that pig out of here.” I didn’t want to take my pig outside, so I decided to give him a bath, then mama might
let him stay inside. I made such a mess in the bathroom, but Bacon and I both were clean, and I was sure mama would let him stay inside.

When I came out of the bathroom, mama smiled at me and said, " I'm sorry Johnny, but the house is no place for a pig." With tears in my eyes, I took Bacon outside. I sat on the porch and held my pig in my arms. “Well, Bacon I guess I have to let you go but I want you to know you are my friend and I love you.” To this day I still remember my pig Bacon and all the fun we had back then. I will never forget him; he was my friend for a long time. From time to time, I see Bacon running through the woods behind the house. Daddy says he is wild now and I should not go near him, but he is still my friend and I know he still loves me.

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