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Under the guise of friendship
Let your thoughts become the ink upon the paper
Let your voice flow free and draw from the blackness within
Its murky depths have been untouched for quite some time
Too long perhaps
Let it spew forth like wicked flames from the fire inside
Writing in the sky using embers and ashes
An omen of the imminent purge upon the earth.

Images of bloody entrails hang in the air
And dismembered creatures litter the landscape like dead flies.
The smell of burning flesh from the cremation of millions
From an enemy invading at the cellular level
Beyond the methods of our detection
Until it was too late

And the infected became ravaged with disease
Faces and bodies contorted with malfunctioning nerves
A misguided conduction system.
An error in transmission.
The modulation process cannot proceed as usual
And the system breaks down
The machines fall back
And the world goes silent.
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