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It is the last day of Summer 2022--A pretty nice weather pattern for my 'HOT FLASHES'
It is a good thing that I have AC at my apartment because of my HOT FLASHES. Yes, some older females like myself experience them often enough. They never warned me when I was younger that I would require 'COOL DOWNS' later in life as a female. If it's not one thing females have it's another to tolerate. I don't think that my Mother nor Grandmother had this condition as I do. They never mentioned it in their later life to me or warned me of it.

With the approach of 'Fall' we are getting a cool down this week as expected. The cooler air really helps my hot flashes and I don't sweat as much. The Fall air is refreshing and I personally feel relieved from the sweaty Summer months. I'm saying Good Bye to heat rashes and bought freshly new cooling bedding to sleep in. I have to use powder for my moist skin condition now to keep dry.

But the Summer of 2022 wasn't in the 90-degree temps too much or I would have been worse off than I realized. The Fall of 2022 is really welcomed by me with the cooler temps coming our way. I do not want to migrate to a warmer climate with persistent conditions of mine. The coolness of Fall will creep into this week here in Michigan. But the cold fronts against the warm fronts will bring storms that I hope aren't extreme.

I say migration is for the birds and not for me personally and some others. I fair better in Michigan's Spring and Fall weather patterns. They are more comfortable for me to take my outdoor walks for exercise. Soon the Holidays will be upon us in the 'ber' months. And, I welcome them so that my skin can clear up of heat rashes. And, I bought some new clothing for the holidays coming up in Harvest colors. I will welcome Fall with the purchase of a pumpkin for a Fall decoration accent to my apartment with the heat on instead of the AC..
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