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this idea came from a sign pointing up.

If God had a yard sale
Oh, the rare things we might find
Like hope, faith and charity
Or maybe our peace of mind

Little boxes full of shining moments
Mixed in with rainbows bright
Could we maybe somehow find?
That true and guiding light

Would there be bouquets of flowers?
All lined up in tiny vases
Which, when given honestly
Would put smiles on lonely faces

Perhaps we might find love and forgiveness
Wrapped up in pretty colored bows
So, we could take them home
To the loved ones whom we know

Would there be a special something?
We could get to heal all our sins
So, they could be washed away
To start our lives again

Maybe a little table
Where dreams and prayers are sold
Something to help us through
All the heartaches we hold

For those rare and precious things
What would the prices be?
At God's heavenly yard sale
Everything he has to offer us is free
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