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poem about horses and cows

I'll Have a Cow, Please!

What's the use of a horse?
If you're not going to ride it,
I can't think of a thing.
They eat oats and special grass,
Are pretty to look at,
But my all that work, thanks but I'll pass.
From grooming them to housing them,
To cleaning up after their deposits,
Why, I'd rather have a cow,
Although with farm animals, I'm a novice.

Cows are just a simpler barn dweller.
With those big eyes and peaceful face and darling, little fellers.
They eat any kind of grass and give milk.
If they're not milk cows, then they're beef.
That turn into all kinds of cuts of meat.
Let's not forget butter and cheese.
They have a lot to offer, you see.

Why what would we put on our bagels?
Without the bovine, there'd be no cream cheese.
And what's a bagel without a schmear?
A boring, thick flat bread
With no pizazz 'cause there's no spread.

Let's not forget the sturdy leather we get.
That make warm jackets and shoes that fit.
Why they even had a TV show about them.
Trail riders herding cattle; there was fighting and mayhem.
A western called Rawhide, full of grime and grit.
So gripping, why it made Clint Eastwood a hit.

So, I salute you cattle.
With all that you can get from Bossy, she's never dull.
I'll take a cow over a horse any day,
And that's no bull!

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