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Beware when you venture out
You must keep this to yourself - tell no one!
Those words haunted my thoughts and dreams
Little did I know what was in store
The laughs, the tears, the freakish screams

The clues were all there, for us to see
A broken doorbell greeted our way
Crazy wind chimes bade us welcome
We decided to enter; come what may

On a weathered table in the foyer
A blank envelope was there
Held down by a ceramic feather
The scrawling note said "Beware!"

I wouldn't have gone along, if I had only known
The wind around us began swirling
I believed it a prank, but with muffled laughter
The claws of the beast came curling

We had no chance, no time to run
I don't know how I got away
But my friends were not so lucky
On this Halloween night's fray

20 lines
Writer's Cramp Prompt for Sept 24th.

Begin your STORY or POEM with this line, bolded:
"You must keep this to yourself - tell no one!"

Include all the following, also bolded:
ceramic feather
blank envelope
broken doorbell -
muffled laughter -
wind chimes
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