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Just thinking out loud about the preacher man
Preacher man oh preacher man

Preacher man oh where does thou cometh from
I come from preaching the Word
Oh preacher man where do thou goeth
I go to preach the Word
For I am a wanderer and sometimes a beggar too
I own everything however nothing all at the same time
See my Father is King however I have laid aside everything to follow him
All for the sake of my Lord a preacher I must be
I teach and I preach and few really listen to me
Oh preacher man are you tired and weary yet
I am tired and I get weary a lot however I look to the hills from which cometh my help
All of my help comes from the Lord
Peaches man will you ever quit preaching
No not till I am dead
That I do not dread because then I will sing the song of the redemption at my Saviors feet
Preacher mango on then if you must I shall pray on and on for you
Pray on if you must however living God’s Word is best
I need your prayers however I want more that you live abundantly
Walk in his love and grace and share it so much
Live for him with all you got for that would brighten my heart
Preacher man go forth than and I will try and heed what you have said
Preach on preacher the world needs you more than ever

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