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A friendship disapating into nothingness.
When I see you, I slightly frown. To think that we were so close at one point. Now, we are barely even friends on social media. I don’t even bother to check up on you, or try to spend some time with you. But it does go both ways, right? And since you don’t bother with me, why should I? You let me go so easily and didn’t even bother with me, until I initiated an interaction first. I must admit that I kind of hate you. I don’t even like to speak you name out loud or see it displayed on others. But then again, I really don’t hate you. That would take my energy from my day. And you know what? You’re not even worth it. What does that mean? I don’t want you to go away completely, either. Maybe I am not ready to fully say goodbye. But just enough to keep you at bay. We’ll say hello from time to time. And even that is sparse. I know that one day one of us will walk away for good. I truly hope it’s me. At least give me that. I’ve become one of those faces that no longer serve you any purpose. In conclusion: I’m just another “friend” you’ve collected on your social media.

(written on 9/23/2022)
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