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Rated: E · Short Story · Contest · #2281587
Entry for "The Whatever Contest" - word count 222.

Jase stood behind the podium, viewing the twenty-one occupied ventilated white folding chairs circling him. Then, with his left index finger, he pressed a button, and the podium stand started to rotate. "Welcome everyone to the twenty-second meeting of the Twenty Two Companions."

The twenty-one seated individuals lifted their hands and clapped twice. Then, they twisted their wrist 180 degrees, slapping twice with each neighbor simultaneously yelling, "TWENTY TWO!"

"As you know, my name is Jase Todd, and we are here to acknowledge our completed Council of Companions."

Another, clap-clap, slap-slap, "TWENTY TWO!".

Jase continued, "At ten-twenty-two pm, February twenty-second, two thousand, my mother and father welcomed me into this world. During her pregnancy, they envisioned this society. By February 2001, they had completed the charter. In 2003 the first companion Beckham Davis joined them in seat three."

Clap-clap, slap-slap, "TWENTY TWO!"

"It is now two thousand and twenty-two! The twenty-second and last companion will be seated. We will now add the twenty-second chair to the circle, seating the final companion!"

Clap-clap, slap-slap, "TWENTY TWO!" Followed by low murmuring, squeaking shoes, and sliding chairs.

Jase marched to the added seat next to his father sitting to the left. Jase waited patiently, watching for the digital clock's red display. Finally, at 22:22 he sat down, thinking Now let's begin!

Clap-clap, slap-slap, "TWENTY TWO!"
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