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Rantings of the Rayvin
The one who proclaimed his love for her
For some time had been drifting away.
But she often longed for what they were,
Sometimes unable to keep the tears at bay.

There were days she'd felt the urge to run,
To let her feet carry her as far as they could,
To be with all of it just completely done
But she knew within that she never would.

And nights she'd laid awake in the dark,
Watching over him as beside her he slept.
On her heart his distance had left a mark,
The months passed as the crevice crept.

There lay no true blame to the wall
Which they'd each added stones to build
When with cancer the end began to call
And her body was slowly being killed.

Of being a burden she often fretted
And often fought to hide her sorrows.
To not say something later regretted
For her unknown number of tomorrows.

She'd craved a lover with the breath
That would spark the fire in her soul.
Now her mind wandered into the depth
Of the loneliness that was taking its toll.

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