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"So, uh. What's your name?" the girl asked with a small stutter.

"Oh. Um. My name is Clay. What's your name?" I asked her, also stuttering a little.

"It's nice to meet you Clay. My name is Yana." She said in a cute tone.

She was so cute and innocent, or at least it seems like it. Her outfit was cute but it didn't look innocent like she seemed. She was wearing a white tank top and military pants with some type of army boot.

Her face was sprinkled with freckles, similar to mine. Her hair was a little bit past her shoulder, it was a mixer of a very light and a very dark brown, it was slightly curled around her overgrown curtain bangs. Her eyes... they were... amazing. She had grey eyes that were so light that they were almost white, they also had small specks of what looked to be golden flakes, similar to what many people say I have.

"So, uh. -short pause- wanna hang out after my shift?" I asked nervously. I'm not sure if she already had plans but I might as well try. That's when Marcus popped up in my head.

"Dude, what are you thinking! She's the strongest wolf alive! What in the world is going through you're tiny brain! You hurt her and pretty much all the wolves in her pack will k!ll you after fighting over who will get to do it! Dumb-ass!" My wolf Marcus said before I cut the link.

"Oh. Sure! I'll be here all day! My group is over there so just come get me when ever!" She said with the cutest smile I've ever seen.

That's when it happened...
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