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Yana's POV

At first when Clay asked me if I wanted to hang out after his shift I was gonna say no but Macy popped in and forced me to say yes, but then before one of us could say anything else it happened.

Clay and I imprinted on each other at the same time! I can't believe it was this easy to find my imprint, then before I could react he had his arms around my waist and his face in my neck purring.

"I've been waiting for so long to find you mate. I mean Yana. Sorry." He stuttered out nervously.

"Awe. Clay, are you just a little teddy bear hiding behind a big tough guy mask?" I say with a giggle.

Then before he could deny it I noticed my pack surrounding us in a group hug. They're way to excited about this. The only thing is that I'm not gonna be a Luna, and neither is he. He's gonna be the Alpha and I'm actually gonna be the Guardian wolf, still....

"PARTY PLANNING TIMEEEE!!!" Christian yells and then runs out to his bike followed by the others.

This'll be interesting....
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