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Clay's POV

After Yana's pack left to plan a party...? I went back to her neck. Her sent was stronger than before, most likely because of the bond we now have.

"So, are you thinking about the placement of your mark or are you just tired?" Yana whispered in my ear with a giggle as she was playing with my hair.

"I'm just enjoying your sent. Wanna go to my place? Oh wait. Your pack is planning a party so I guess we'll have to go to yours." I said with my head still in her neck.

"Or... -small pause- We could go to your place so they have more time to plan the party and set up so then they can go as insane as they want..." She said with a smirk as I lifted my head.

"Alright. Sounds perfect to me. Oh. By the way I live like 3 hours away. And I have 11 roommates, some are wolves and the others are lions, tigers, ones a bear and one is a panther." I said before I picked her up bridal style.

When I sat her down in the passengers seat of my truck she was falling asleep so I quietly and quickly slipped one of my hoodies on her and buckled her in. When I got in on my side I noticed that she put her knees in the hoodie with the hood up and was purring very softly. Who knew wolves could purr, well more of a soft cute growl but it's a purr to me.

After about 30 minutes into the drive she was already dead asleep. I guess I'll have to try not to wake her but at the same time try not to get board.

It's a lot more difficult than it sounds or seems to be...

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