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by abrax
Rated: E · Other · Paranormal · #2281650
This is a beat-sheet for a film.I hope you like it.
Opening image: While under hypnosis a young man flew into a epileptic fit and utter strange staccato incantations.

A glimpse at theme The young man lives intimidated and in ignorance.

Setting the status quo: The extremely shy teenager becomes frustrated with his daily struggle with bullies.

Inciting incident/call to adventure:He gets turned on and becomes fascinated with the occult.
He pays a visit to the centuries old magic bookshop,and discovered a fragile looking manuscript.
As he flipped through the book the crusty old pages flaked off,and a hidden parchment fell on the floor.He picked it up,and was amazed at the strange letters,but he recognized a star-like emblem that represents a mysterious group of monks who lives in caves.
He also consulted his professors who determines the text is a map that leads to abandoned ghost town on the outskirts of town.

Refusal of the call: His curiosity builds to a strong desire to go and investigate, but he is equally filled with fear and anxiety that prevents him from traveling to the ghost town, and then he he decides not to go.

Quest into the new world: He then makes a chance encounter with his uncle a famed archeologist working on a secret dig in Egypt.Who is in town for the holidays.After a brief conversation the young man relates what happened at the old bookstore,and the discovery of the map,and the uncle agreed to go with him and investigate.

b-story breathes: As soon as they arrive in the ghost-town they recognize a street that is on the map.Then they walked further and saw a pretty girl who had a distraught look.When she introduced herself she sounded confused,but had photographic memory of when the town when the town was populated,and She decided to tag around.

challenges mount: On the advice of the girl they visited the dilapidated jail on a dead-end street.
As they entered the young man falls under a spell.when the pretty girl observes his body contort ,and she is overcome with rage and started to sings weird incantations.They both withdraw internally and make bizarre motions on the dirt floor as if playing a game on a Ouija board,or
possessed by evil spirits.Then the door slams shut and they are now trapped.
Moments later the door slowly opened as the girl clearly claimed she was the ancient avatar of a powerful goddess.

mid-point raise the stakes: After the uncle broke-out of his spell he noticed he developed a skin condition.He decided he had enough returned back to the neighborhood.
When the young man snapped out of his spell and became nervous,but the girl continued to be entranced and methodically started to re-enact the her strong identification with the goddess into reality.
As the young man tried to make sense of the girl's dramatization he spot a tall stranger out in the distance. Who is mirroring their every move.

the villain adds pressure: By camp fire they both felt the oppressed.They are drawn to look up the night skies,and had visions of a looming extraordinary celestial event.

b-story blow-out: The pretty girl started to make long journeys at night ,and not return until the mourning.Until one day she just disappeared.

Disaster: The young man is now all alone,and was heckled by the ghost and spirits.
A fire broke out and destroyed the where he slept.

despair and rally: He lost all his energy and hope,but he desperately tried to focus.
He starts to reflect on his journey and then realized he must overcome his timid and depression condition.
In a moment of insight he cracks more of the cryptic text.
In a bit of dramatic irony the text was all about him.According to the legend he was chosen to find a hidden treasure on the property and set free the restless souls on the property.

the power to resolve: He is invigorated to find the treasure.

Prepare for war: He returns to his community.To relate what happened.To build his team.To battle the otherworldly entities ,and to locate the treasury of the long forgotten town.

The final battle: Both sides converge in the center of town.The young man and mysterious group of monks are victorious.

One last surprise: In the the cave where the treasure was located,and a otherworldly bright light illuminated the entrance coming from the sky. A strange beings stands by gateway.

Resolution: When the news spread of what happened the town's inhabitants restarted their traditions , and claimed their treasure.

Denouement: The stranger out in the distance turned out to be otherworldly.

Epilogue(optional: The young man got married and governed the town for many years.

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