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dream on, dream on (still editing)
“What happened to me?”

She walked throughout the halls as slowly and as carefully as she could. With every step she took the floors squeaked beneath her feet. As though she was trying to keep from waking someone up, she slowed down her steps even more. The house was utterly dark and empty. No one had lived in it for months now. The whole land was going up for sell in the next few weeks, and she was there to gather up what was left of the place.
She had walked through the bedroom and stopped short, as her heart thumped out of her chest. It was her arrhythmia's. She had told herself it was the memories of the house that had brought on the arrhythmias. However, she knew it was something more. She felt it.
She walked around the house a little more when her heart stopped. Within seconds, she had stood still in her tracks as she grabbed her chest and saw a vision. Her heart jumped back into beat as the vision had become clearer.
There was a woman floating in front of her in her vision. She had known the woman, yet the woman looked a lot younger. It even seemed as if she could see through the woman. The woman began to talk. "What happened?" The woman spoke. "What happened to me?" She just stood in the midst of the house clenching her heart as she watched the woman disappear.
As soon as she regained her composure she stepped outside and told those whom came with her what had happened. She spoke flabbergasted. No one believed her. She didn’t care. She wanted to go back in. She walked around the house too scared to go back in. Soon she found herself standing outside the window.
Those, whom had come with her, encouraged her to go back home. She ignored them and stood in front of the window mumbling. “I saw her.” She stood outside for a few moments longer as she almost screamed. “I see her. There she is! I see her.” This time she ran into the old house with eagerness. The woman in her vision reappeared and asked again. “What happened to me?”
“You died several months ago.” She uttered just above a whisper with tears welling up in her eyes. A young man had come in the room after her. He stood in amazement as he watched her talk to what seemed to be thin air.
“No. I am not done!” The woman screamed. Suddenly a flash of light was shown throughout the room. The young man was standing in fear and horrified of what he saw.
She suddenly grabbed her chest hard and fell to the ground. Her last vision was the vision of the woman flying inside her. It really felt as if someone had joined bodies with her before she passed out. A few moments later she had found herself in her bed wide awake, coughing, and still clenching her chest. Sweat blanketed her back and drenched her hair. Her clothes stuck to her like glue. Soon she had gotten up and peeled the clothes off to change into new ones. She was too scared to go back to sleep when the only thought in her mind was. “What happened to me?”

(a story about a dream about my great grandmother)

Written by: Krystal Robinson/Velicity Phoenix
July 1, 2006
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