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a poem i wrote about someone who caused me a ton of stress at a young age
Ridiculous Ridicules</b>

You don’t know everything I have been through.
But you taunt me and haunt me like it’s a game to you.
With every harsh word you speak,
I take it all in week after week.

My heart is pounding.
The tension is rising.
My skin is boiling.
My patients are broken.

I can’t continue living in this monotonous life of stress.
My body is weak and my heart needs rest.
I won’t put up with this kind of torture
Any longer!

I have tried to be patient and understanding
I have tried to take in all I could stand.
But your time of ruthlessness and spite,
Is going to end tonight.

You don’t control me.
I live how I want to be.
I walk down my own road.
And I choose to walk it alone.

I don’t need you to taunt me in my dreams.
Leave me alone and let me be.
For your just wasting your time,
Spitting out rants and raves that are no longer a concern of mine.

I leave you with this one last thought.
I hope you have learned this lesson well taught.
Why don’t you go talk to a mule?
For, I am through listening to your Ridiculous Ridicules.

April 3, 2006
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