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A fictional story based on a dream, FOR Fanfiction
Mist was everywhere; the only essence of visible site was him. Itachi. Yes. Itachi. It wasn’t his long cloak with red design on the bottom that gave him away, it was his long black hair with ruthless red eyes that was unmistakable. If the evil aura alone didn’t scare you away his deathly stare would. You looked into his eyes and could search forever into his bottomless pit of evil. It blatantly froze me in my tracks. He looked directly at me as if he wanted something from me. Yet his face is so apathetic, I couldn’t tell what he wanted. A spine-chilling thrill radiated throughout my body. Those eyes…the Sharingun eyes…They pierced through me like a Kunai that would not release my soul. Naruto was a great fighter, and a bit cocky as usual. Though Naruto had grown a lot since we first met, I feared that even if he could hold his own in this battle it wouldn’t be enough. There was only one person capable of destroying Itachi. There was only one Ninja even close to being worthy of Itachi’s demise.
Suddenly I saw him. I thought I was dreaming. But there he was. The mist was thick. But I could tell that it was surely him. His hair was draped over his bandana much like Itachi’s yet his eyes were somehow softer. It was Sasuke. Sasuke was here to finish the bout with Itatchi. I was so very scared when Sasuke said he still wanted to go after Itachi after his first attempt failed. It nearly killed Sasuke. But this time Sasuke is different. He is different then he was before. He walked slowly towards Itachi as if he had not noticed me at all, but with no fear he continued to walk. His confidence is so much stronger. He’s always seemed to be complacent from the day that I met him. He was always a bit to his self, and never showed his feelings much. He and Naruto have had some goofy moments before, and they have both been serious before. But right now, Sasuke does seem to carry a different aura in him; an aura of something almost as deep as his own brother Itachi.
“Sakura, go find you somewhere safe to go.” Sasuke said to me without moving his eyes from Itachi’s. I didn’t move.
“Go Now!” he said sternly to me.
“Oh right.” I said as if snapped out of a daze… then caught Sasuke’s eyes again. They were exactly like Itachi’s. They showed no fear. They were in Sharingun! But they looked almost as ruthless as Itachi’s. I wanted to move but couldn’t. Sasuke had turned his head from me and looked down waiting on Itachi to make his first move.
“Sakura. You must leave now.” His voice was a bit more understanding, yet still, it sounded so apathetic it scared me.
“I am trying Sasuke.”
“It seems your friend, here, is stricken by fear. She won’t be moving for a while.” Itachi said. His head looking down a bit as well. His voice even more apathetic then Sasuke’s. I was scared. I had been trembling in fear every since I first laid eyes on Itachi and his piercing glance. But now I realize that he wasn’t looking at me at all. He was looking at Sasuke, that up until the moment I saw him, was behind me the whole time. The fog was so thick that I didn’t know where Naruto had gone. It seemed like I heard his annoying voice only minutes before we laid eyes on Itachi.
“Let’s see just how much you have improved. Little brother.” Itachi said just before throwing a Kunai directly at me. I was still in shock, that I couldn’t move. Then I saw Sasuke jump in front of the Kunai just before it hit. And then I saw a concerned look beneath Sasuke’s Sharingun eyes. Though it looked concerned it looked stern as well. He turned again to face Itachi.
“Naruto. Get Sakura and get out of here.” Sasuke almost commanded. Yet Naruto seemed to understand.
“Right.” Naruto said agreeing. It was one of the first times, that Naruto turned down a good fight. But he understood from the first accurance of Itachi that this fight was with Sasuke. Suddenly the appearance of Itachi and Sasuke, faded from my eyes and I heard Naruto’s annoying little voice again, yet this time it didn’t seem as annoying as it used to. His voice seemed to be a little bit “Grown up.”
“Are you alright Sakura?” he asked gently.
“Yeah, I’m fine. I just hope Sasuke is alright.”
“Yeah of course he is. He’s Sasuke.”
Yeah. But he was even more different then he was when he fought Garra. I wondered to myself how this new confidence was going to affect him. Would he be the Sasuke I knew when we first met? No. Of course not. He was different. I felt it in his eyes.
“What’s that?” Naruto asked, as he pointed to a necklace I was wearing. I didn’t even know where it came from.
“I…I don’t know.” I looked at it a little worried. I then listened to it. It was ticking.
“It’s … It’s a bomb!” I stuttered in fear. I was about to throw it down but then remembered that I didn’t know how powerful it was.
“A bomb! Well don’t just stand there. Throw it away.” Naruto said in panic.
“Right…” Then I stopped for a mere second as I remembered a sharp voice in my head. “That bomb has enough power to detonate a whole village.”
“I can’t Naruto. I can’t throw it down. It has enough power to detonate a whole village!”
“Well it’s ticking. What are you going to do? Sakura? You can’t! You can’t be thinking of sacrificing yourself?…Sakura.”
I didn’t really know what I was doing. I just ran. I ran with all of my might crying. Then. Then I saw him again. I saw Sasuke.
“What are you doing here? You do know your going to get killed?”
“You die, I am going with you.”
“Oh Sasuke.” I cried as I held his hand. I ran as fast as I could to the nearest open valley.
“None of you guys are going anywhere without me!” Naruto ran trying to stop us.
Seconds later I threw the bomb right into the nearest Valley, there was no town to be found for miles. But I knew at that moment all of us could still die just from the mere after blast of the explosion.
Before I knew that hours had went by I woke up. I woke up to the face of both Sasuke and Naruto. We were still in a nearby field. Where the bomb had detonated. I could see even a tear from Sasuke himself. Naruto like usual, was just about screaming to avoid his own tears. Sasuke had helped me up holding my hand gently as the sun was going down. Naruto had saw that I was obviously still alive and ran off to tell the other Sensai. The sunset was beautiful as we walked alongside it for a moment. “Oh Sasuke.” I thought in my mind. He wasn’t even focused on the other girl that had recently become more fond of him then I. She was there to show that she cared about Sasuke and all his friends, but he payed no mind to her. He kept his hand in mind.
I don’t know what happened to Itachi that day. I don’t really know everything that had happened to me. But I could still feel Itachi in Sasuke’s soul. I believe wether Itachi is defeated or not, Sasuke will still always have an aura that distinctively resembles Itachi’s. It may be from all the hate that Itachi has forged in Sasuke’s heart, or it may be Sasuke’s own decision to be apathetic towards others. Whatever the reason it makes me feel special inside to know that no matter what happens Sasuke will always care deeply about me, and his other friends, even Naruto.

Written by Krystal Robinson Based on a dream…
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