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a story about Jesus blood through us healing (a dream...still editing)
Jesus still Heals

It was a humid dry day in July. She stood just outside her country brick home. Her mouth was sticky, and lips were cracked with dehydration. Pain forced its way through her right arm. She stood immobilized by fear as her father approached with caution. She lifted her right laggardly as her face ghosted all expression as she peered at her right forearm wide-eyed.

It was grotesque. Her skin had begun to crack and peel away like that of rotten flesh. Her entire hand had turned a greenish black color. It pulsed with pain as if it were about to dismember itself. Keeping a stoic manner, her father went inside their home to get assistance.

In a matter of seconds, that felt to her, like an eternity, her father brought her younger brother and mother out. Her brother held a small red wooden bowl of earth water. Her mother kept calm and said a small prayer over the water. The water began to glisten. At the same time her brother and mother pricked their fingers to bleed in the water. They both prayed again and kept very calm as she screamed in more pain when the flesh-eating virus crept up her arm a bit more.

The water glistened and glowed red. It had been properly blessed with the innocence of two children of Christ. “Our blood is the blood of Christ.” her mother’s voice spoke. They took the water, together and in unison poured it over the decomposing portion of the arm.

Instantly, the arm began trembling for a few seconds. She could feel every inch of healing as she began crying tears of joy. The old decomposing skin flaked off her arm like a crumbling of leaves. As, the flesh hit the ground it had disintegrated into a pile of black dust. She lifted her arm up and watched a glistening red liquid flow freely, slowly dry up, and reveal a new arm. “With the blood of Jesus, you’ve been healed.” spoke her brother.

She awoke, realizing she had slept on her arm all night long.
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