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Sam Adams Finds another world Writer’s cramp

Sam Adams Finds another world Writer’s cramp

Sam Adams retired to his hometown of Berkeley, California when his wife died. He was 70 years old and living in a rented apartment downtown. He felt lost without her. Every day he went for a long walk, often ending up in Tilden park in the hills. He first hiked in Berkeley when he was five years old almost 65 years ago. The park was his favorite spot in the universe and was his happy spot.

That day was dark and stormy. But he went out hoping it would not rain too much, if it did, he would uber back.

A few minutes later there was a massive thunder cap and lighting and the heavens opened up with a massive torrential downpour. Sam ran down the path looking for a shelter somewhere and thinking it was time to head back.

He came upon a strange sight in the middle of the trial. A giant door floated above the trail. There was a sign

“Welcome Pilgrim
To the gateway to the beyond
Take a one-way ticket to other worlds
The adventure awaits
those who are brave enough.

For madmen only
Are you madding enough?
Step through and find out.”

Sam thought to himself.

“ I am old, broke, lonely, have incurable cancer, waiting for death, and have nothing to live for. And I am wet to the bone and cold.

Besides climate change sucks, the war continues, political madness is coming, and I have nothing left to live for. What do I have to lose? I am mad enough as I am mad as hell. What the hell.”

He ran to the door and disappeared. He was never found again.


Write a story or poem inspired by this prompt:
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One of your genres must be NATURE

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