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We rebuild with blood and ashes
My blood, my blood, it spills out of my mouth
My blood, my blood speaking volumes
Unrecognized pain, cries from within
Long suppressed by the mundane monotonies of life’s expectations

As we work and toil and sweat
Behind walls, in factories, at desks
Standing up for hours
Serving an assembly line of people
All running on autopilot
Moving from one task to the next.
Losing their connections as new ones are built in the digital realm

Smacking each individual with dopamine
Feeding a false sense of purpose and happiness
Creating addicts.
Zombies walking among us.

We’ve forgotten how to connect with the world
With the energies that naturally flow within us, around us
Every being, every object: absorbing some, radiating some
Like light sabres exchanging blows

In a battle without words
Sounds envelop the space above
Filling the otherwise empty vacuum
The silence of nothingness.

All around me now is a deepening pool of thick crimson
Still a living, breathing conglomeration of pain and anger
And shame
All misplaced.

Guided by external powers,
We come to this place with open and empty hands
In trust we place ourselves in the line of fire
To create, no, to guide the present
Towards a future without an end

As we move and fade within and without
Throughout the swirling chaos
Dusty waves of electrically charged particles
All moving rhythmically as a single unit

They see us standing there and they move,
They split in two to pass by each side of us
Rejoining once the obstacle has been successfully manoeuvred around

Fate is funny
Pulling out threads in a seemingly incomprehensible way
Rebuilding the world with the blood and ashes of our ancestors
Hoping the connection will help us to remember
Why we are here
Why this is all so important
Guided by the unknown forces around us
We know more than we realize
On the surface
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