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Self Esteem is not born out of the blues,you work hard on yourself to gain it,fail or pass
In my little experience about life i believe that humans act is born out of their Self esteem, it's either it's low or high, but either ways the way humans approach situations good or bad tells more about their Self esteem, the way we compete with each other, talk with each other, and even interact with the public generally is born out of each and everyone self esteem, which means either ways, growing up as humans it is highly important to work majorly on our self esteem, so when the struggles of life hit us, our ability to fight through it will be either solid or weak.

Over the years have seen people mistake self esteem as pride, forgetting that all humans all possess this quality, but it's either you fall in the category of a low self esteem or high self esteem, so tell me you can't be in between, it's either you are one.
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