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Rated: E · Poetry · Romance/Love · #2282025
i will probably make another one due to this does not do justice to my sentiment
In distraught I lie, covered by a cloak of nothing but ignorance
retained by ambiguity and scarce valor
i am just an ant waddling upon the divot of anguish
discombobulated I tumble into a fossette of her
without a clue, i am yanked into an abyss of desire
i gaze to the heavens to see the uttermost perfect thing to roam this world
yet the very nymph is lost upon herself
unable to acknowledge her virtue
i, a futile little poet, plea and plea in hopes to persuay
yet nothing is fruitful, blinded by the very beauty she possesses
her pulchritude is nothing but a siege to her
who am i to make a change
traumatized by other gods
who am i to compete
a foolish lyre boy singing songs of love
yet infatuated with a genuine goddess
if only i could be something
to someone
i don't want to live an earth where i cannot live
where i cannot speak
where i am not enough
where i don't matter
i want to be
i want to love
i want to live
allow me
to even
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