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by Logan
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a poem that 99% of its readers won't get

Six feet high and climbing,
the rising damp ascends;
it's not all that surprising,
given how the money spends

A toxic, crass, solution,
applied too high, too wide;
a cry for revolution,
drowned out on the underside

Tickled up in-fighting,
a never-ending phase;
trickle down gaslighting,
building to a blaze

We could just treat the problems,
precisely where they stand;
instead of thinking of them,
as cattle, marked and brand

Branded from the outset,
too short for rich man's rides;
handed out and offset,
dismissed on richer tides

Let currents run through gutters,
up high and down the spouts;
past blinkers, blinds and shutters,
the profits running out

Out to foreign houses,
untraced to foreign shores;
where dryer thought espouses,
a rising damp ignored

Even though it's long been proved,
this trickle, promised... said;
economic with such truths,
... their lies pour down instead
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