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Waking up in a fantasy world and I will survive.
Waking up in the body of a fictional character wasn't really on my to-do list, neither was choosing to be in the body of the cruel hearted villainess. But, well, Fate had a really strange way of playing out. And maybe this was Fate's sick way of playing a joke on me, because the villainess that I'm currently occupying is to die at the end of the story.

Evangelina Petrova is the only daughter of the Duke and the youngest child of the Petrova family, so it's quite natural for her to be spoiled. Turning psychotic because the man that she loved chose to love another? Yeah, that one is not so understandable. But, I guess the fact that she was allowed to do and have whatever she wanted played a huge role in that.

The story I am in is called "Dark Love" which, as the title implies, is about a twisted love story centering around five male leads and the single female lead. The book was created because apparently the author loved toxic love and cruel men who couldn't express their emotions properly, so obviously she chose to make her characters suffer in order to achieve the love story she wanted.

This was not at all a healthy story and its dark nature had gotten in banned in several libraries, which is quite telling. I'm irritated and extremely nervous about suddenly being stuck in a dangerous world, but there's not much I can do other than try to avoid the main characters. And I say try because in all the other cliche stories I've read, nothing really ever goes to plan.

All I can really do is gain mastery of the magic Evangelina was fortunately blessed with and survive. Hopefully I can live peacefully.

And if not? Well, I've never had much of a moral compass anyways. It was either kill or be killed, and I wasn't planning on dying anytime soon.
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