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Savanna Grace was no one special, she was an ordinary fifteen year old who got average grades and no attention from her schoolmates. Her parents focused on her sister and barely had any time for her, that was fine though. She didn't need them. She didn't need anyone.

Or that used to be the case. Until she got transported to another world after her untimely death. And suddenly, she's surrounded by many people who love her, well, not her but the body she now resided in. Avalon Salvatore was the loved princess of the Salvatore duchy and now, that was Savanna. She didn't know how to feel about that.

Going from nothing to everything.
Savanna smiled thinly as her parents once again congratulated Amelia for her good job during the play, a play she really had no part in. They exaggerated her performance while hardly batting an eye at their other daughter, the one who actually participated in the play. Savanna was quite literally the main character and yet, nothing. Their attention was on Amelia and nothing else seemed to matter.

"Savanna did a good job too," Amelia exclaimed, trying to act the part of the good sister. Savanna knew better, the other girl was only trying to appear humble while gleefully expecting more compliments. "We should congratulate her!"

Savanna bit her tongue, the words she wanted to say but could not utter in front of their parents. She shook her head with a forced smile. "Don't worry about it, Amelia. You were the star of the show." Her words were coated with sarcasm, something that was sure to fly completely over their heads. Her family was not known for their brains, after all.

Beauty? Yes. Intelligence? Not even.

Amelia stepped forward and wrapped her arms around Savanna, giving her a tight hug. "Don't be so humble! Come on, let's go out to eat! We have to celebrate!"

Savanna inwardly rolled her eyes, the urge to scoff was strong. The only reason Amelia was even offering for Savanna to join them in the celebration was because she knew her sister wouldn't be able to join. Amelia knew her sister stayed at school late every Thursday to go over scenes and rehearse her lines, Savanna took theater very seriously. Acting and singing were very important to her and not something she would ever play around with.

"I'm sorry, I can't," She faked a small frown. "I've already let principal Harris know that I would be staying late to run through my lines. I'll probably even stay behind to clean up a bit. I won't have time to join you guys in the celebration."

Amelia pouted but Savanna knew she was secretly happy about her not joining, neither girl liked the other very much. She brightened up after a second, and with a huge smile, said, "Oh well! Can't be helped, see you at home!" She grabbed their parents arms and dragged them away, neither adult bothering to say goodbye to their youngest and simply followed Amelia as she led them out the auditorium.

Savanna shook her head with a scoff. "Assholes," she then walked towards the remaining group still present and smiled. "Since I'm staying here to rehearse a little longer, I'll see you guys tomorrow. Sarah, don't forget to bring your costume, we're practicing scene four during lunch so I'm gonna need you to be prepared."

The petite blonde nodded with a bright smile. "Don't worry, I'll make sure to have my costume on the racks before first period. My mom also fixed up her old crown, she said we're welcome to using it if we ever need to."

"Perfect," Savanna said, turning to the other actors. "We're going to have to carry Amelia on our backs again so be ready, we all know how she is."

With just a few more instructions, everyone left. Savanna was finally alone in the huge auditorium, she stared at her script before immediately getting into character. There was a lot to do and no time to waste.

Savanna gulped down some of her water and glanced at the clock, she nearly choked on her drink at the big 9:30 glaring at her. She hadn't wanted to stay that late, she quickly got to putting everything away and grabbing her script and backpack before making her way out the backstage exit. The cold wind harshly hit her face and she tugged her jacket tighter around her body. She just wanted to head home so she could be nice and warm in her room, curled up in with a good book and cup of hot chocolate.

She hoped her sister was in a good and had reminded their parents to order Savanna something to eat, often times her parents would forget they had another daughter to care for. The young girl unchained her bike and hopped on, pedaling as fast as she could. She had to make it home before 10:30 since that was the time her parents stopped answering the door, no matter who it was. And Amelia could never be bothered to get up and answer it. She would just pretend she couldn't hear it and then 'apologize' and say she hadn't heard anyone knocking.

Savanna slowed down as she reached the intersection, her block was just on the other side. The streets were quiet and so she didn't bother looking both ways and just continued, that would be one of her greatest mistakes. She hadn't noticed a truck spiraling out of control and heading straight towards her at great speed, her chain had busted in the middle of the street just as the truck neared. A startled gasp left her body as the headlights blinded her, there was no time to react. The truck made contact with her body.

Pain exploded all over, the impact had thrown her further from where she was. She landed harshly on the ground, dying on impact would have been better but she was forced to feel her bones crushing and her internal organs moving around. She vaguely heard the truck drive off and couldn't help the sardonic smile that painfully made its way onto her face, a hit and run.

She was going to die alone.

Savanna stood in the middle of a field, the sight of flowers went on for miles. The sun beamed down at her, sweat lightly coating her face and arms at the heat. Which brought her attention to the fact that she was in a different outfit, she wore a thin dress that stopped just before her knees and she was barefoot. She wiggled her toes on the grass and smiled at the ticklish feeling.

Where was she? She was sure she was dead, you don't dream during death. Or at least, she assumed you didn't. This was her first time dying, after all.

"Hello, Savanna," The young girl yelped and spun around, eyes widening at the sight of the beautiful stranger. She had brown bouncy curls and big blue eyes framed by dark lashes. She looked ethereal and fairy-like, she was vaguely familiar. "The meadow is beautiful, isn't it?"

Savanna blinked, heat flaring up on her face. "Who are you?" She asked, why was this beautiful person talking to her? Beautiful people never payed her attention. "Where are we?" Her eyes left the pretty girl and looked around, the field was stunning but she'd like to know where they were and when she could leave.

The stranger smiled beautifully and Savanna's heart fluttered at the sight, she bent down to pluck out some flowers. "My name Avalon and we're in the Wisteria meadow."

Savanna furrowed her brows as she watched the stranger, Avalon, continue to pluck flowers until she held a handful. She looked content, Savanna wanted to know to know more. "Wisteria meadow?"

"Mhm," Avalon nodded and finally stood up, clutching the flowers to her chest. "I come here to think, or to be alone."

"Shouldn't I be dead?" Savanna asked, she still couldn't understand how she was even there. She felt herself die, there was no way she was still alive.

"Your body is dead, your soul isn't."

Savanna tilted her head confused. "What? I don't understand?"

Avalon looked at Savanna, her blue eyes were clear. It felt like she was looking into a pool of water. "Before your soul diminished, it was transferred here."

"What? Why?"

"Because we will be swapping places," She said. What? "I am meant to die, my time has come. Yours hasn't. Your soul will be placed in my body to live and mine will be placed in yours to die."

Savanna shook her head with a frown, it still didn't make sense. "Again, why? Why go through all this trouble? What's the point of all this? Isn't it easier to just die in your own body and I die in mine?"

Avalon smiled and stepped forward, grabbing Savanna's hand and curling her fingers around the stem of the flowers. "I'm giving you the chance to live, Savanna. To truly live. I've already given up but you haven't. In my world, you can live the life you've always wanted. You can finally be the favorite, the first choice, the important one. My name is Avalon Salvatore and I'm the only ducal princess in the entire Wrivia Empire, you'd be the one of the most powerful woman after the empress and the two duchess'."

"Why would you give up this life?" Savanna couldn't wrap her mind around it, how could someone who has it all want to give it up? "Why would you want to give it all to me?"

"Why not?" She laughed. "Savanna, you deserve this. So, make this life yours. Don't let anyone bring you down. Remember that it won't always be rainbows and sunshine, there will be eyes on you every step of the way, take it as a grain of salt. You will have people to love and protect you but just as you have that, you will also have those who hate you and will conspire against you. Be careful and good luck."

Avalon surged forward and pressed her lips to Savanna's forehead, the girl was suddenly overcome with drowsiness. Her eyes drooped, Avalon's pretty smile was the last she was before her eyes finally fell shut.

Savanna's eyes fluttered open, the bright light of the room blinded her slightly. She sat up, the heavy duvet falling off of her sweat drenched body. The room was large with champagne colored walls and expensive looking ornaments, just the sight of them were enough to make Savanna queasy. She couldn't imagine breaking one and having to pay, the urge to vomit was strong when she thought of it.

A sharp knock sounded from outside the large double oak doors, Savanna glanced over when it propped open slightly and a girl with blonde curls peered in. "Princess Avalon?" The young girl had a bright smile when she noticed Savanna was awake. "Good morning! Are you ready to bathe? Duke Salvatore has asked for you to join him for breakfast."

Princess Avalon? Duke Salvatore? Ah, it seems like everything was real. Either that or she was currently stuck in an everlasting dream, she had died in her past life after all.

"Princess?" Savanna continued to stare blankly at the other girl, blue eyes vacant as she was lost in thought. "Are you alright, princess?"

Savanna sighed, she could feel a headache forming and she wanted nothing more than to lay back down and sleep. But, she couldn't do that, the other girl looked like she was on the verge of crying in worry and Savanna really didn't want to deal with that. "I'm fine. Just pick a simple dress for the day, and is the bath ready or do I have to wait?"

Though the little maid looked a bit worried, she still answered, "the bath has already been prepared and I'll let Ann know about your preference in clothing today."

Savanna nodded and swung her legs over the bed, placing her bare feet on the cold marbled floor. She stretched her toes and decided she liked the way the coolness helped her hot body, so she decided to ditch the slippers laid out for her to wear. They didn't look comfortable either way. She looked at the maid with bright eyes. "Okay, lead the way."

"Of course!" The little maid led Savanna to the double glass doors on the other side of the room. "We've prepared rose water and we have the different scented oils for you to choose from. Lavender was placed aside since I know it's one of your favorites."

Lavender? Savanna never liked that scent, it always gave her a headache. She shook her head and crinkled her nose. "Show me the the selection."

"Would you like to undress and wait in the bath or choose first, princess?"

Savanna glanced at the tub and saw steam rising, she shuddered as she imagined the scalding hot water. She shook her head and decided to wait for it to cool down, she glanced at the little maid. "I'll wait, just show me the selection."

She was led to the essential oils and was surprised by how much there was, this must be the life of a rich person. Savanna grabbed the first one and smiled, it was peppermint. She knew peppermint essential oil was good for the skin it was, it boosted circulation, released the feeling of tiredness, and it even soothed itchy skin. It was also helpful with brightening, clearing, and refreshing the skin. And it helped hydrate dry scalp and kept the hair healthy. This was a good one to choose.

The next one was Jasmine, which increased positive emotions and can be used as an aphrodisiac. It altered a person's emotional and hormonal balance. Savanna put that one back down with a shake of her head, there was no need for some jasmine. She had no one to seduce anyways.

Ylang Ylang was the one she grabbed next, there wasn't much she knew about this one other than it was from a flower plant called Cananga Odorata and it was good for fighting off stress and tension. Savanna put it down, it would be better to use this after a stressful day, it was barely morning and would hold no use for her.

The last two were Lemon and Rosemary, both were a good combination together. Both had a beautiful scent and would equally do wonders on her skin and hair. Savanna turned to her maid and nodded. "I choose these two."

"Ah, yes! Of course, princess." The maid beamed and looked towards the bath. "Would you like me to heat up the water? It seems to have cooled down."

Savanna pursed her lips and walked to the bath tub, she dipped her finger into the water and sighed in delight at the temperature. "No, this is fine. And for future reference, please make sure the water remains at lukewarm. I don't want it hot or cold, understand?"

The maid, Savanna really needed to learn her name, blinked in confusion but nodded nonetheless. "Of course, princess. Shall I undress you?"

Savanna sighed and nodded, a part of her wanted to refuse but she knew the original Avalon was a pampered princess and wouldn't know how to do things on her own. Suggesting to do so would only lead to suspicion and Savanna didn't want to deal with any of that. "Yes."

With a smile, the maid reached forward and removed the warm robe and placed it on the smooth marbled counter and then gently proceeded to pull the silk nightgown off Savanna's slender body. The little maid was extremely careful, Savanna assumed Avalon had sensitive skin. Which was surprising, considering the scalding water that was prepared for her.

The maid placed a light blue towel around Savanna's neck and then proceeded to help her into the tub. The water was warm and relaxing, Savanna instantly felt relieved. Her body felt amazing under the water, she could stay here forever. The maid immediately began to massage sweet smelling soap on to her body, once she rinsed that off she began to lather up soap and gently carded her hands into the Savanna's dark curls. She let out a sigh of pure bliss, she felt amazing.

"This feels really good," Savanna whispered, eyes closing as she leaned furthered back against the cold tub.

The maid giggled as she began washing off her hair. "You've always enjoyed having your hair messaged."

Savanna smiled, she might let the little maid continue doing this. It felt too good for her to pass up because of the embarrassment of having her bare body seen by strangers.

Savanna was helped out of the bath and dried off before a little maid with red hair and freckles walked into the restroom, in her hands was a pretty peach colored long sleeved, ankle length dress. It had diamonds littering the neckline and at the ends of the sleeves. Savanna smiled appreciatively, eyes glittering in delight as she looked at the small redhead. "I like this, very pretty. Thank you."

"Did you pick out the shoes already, Ann?" Savanna's first little maid asked, pressing her hands against her waist as she stared at the redhead. Savanna smiled, they were both such cuties.

Ann nodded with a slight curve of her lips, Savanna assumed she was smiling without actually smiling. "Since the princess requested something simple, I went with indoor shoes." She pulled out a pretty pair of flats, they were white with a pretty peach colored bow at the tips of each shoe. The color matched the dress nicely and they surprisingly looked very comfortable. They both turned to Savanna and seemed to await her approval, she blinked and gave an awkward smile. "Good choice."

Both maids smiled and began to help her get dressed, the towel was pulled off and the cold air of the restroom hit her skin. Savanna shuddered as goosebumps formed on her bare body. Ann tightened her undergarments and pulled up her dress, tying the corset around her waist. The first maid knelt to the ground and helped Savanna place her feet into each flat.

Savanna was beginning to enjoy being pampered, even though it was uncomfortable being washed and changed by strangers. She supposed Avalon was right and she could enjoy life here. Before, it was all about Amelia but here? Here it was all about Savanna and there was no sister to get in the way of that.

She smiled at her reflection. The pretty blue eyed brunette smiled back.

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