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Best revenge on a bully
It was a man eating plant, about five feet tall. It looked like a Venus fly trap.
“Don’t let it fool you. It will eat anything you give it. Especially the blood of your enemies,” The cashier said with a sinister smile.
“What do you mean?” I asked confused.
“You have anyone you want to get rid of?”
Sandy. The bully from my school, I thought as I stared at the plant up and down.
“Are you for real,” I asked.
“See for yourself.”
I took it home on a red wagon and placed it in the corner of my basement. Then I made my call to Sandy. She was sassy and rude as I knew she would.
“How did you get my number? What do you want?”
“I got it from someone at school. Told me you were looking for some shoes I had bought. As it turns out, I took the last pair,” I said.
“You mean you’re the one that got the last pair of the Louis Vuitton special edition? If this is actually true, then why would you give it to me?”
“As a truce. I am sick of you bullying me.”
I could hear her giggle, which made my blood boil. There was silence for a moment, almost as if she was thinking.
“I don’t believe you,” Sandy finally said. “You’re such a loser. I can’t even imagine you with those type of shoes.”
I tried to keep my anger down. I spoke slowly: “Why don’t you run on over and see it for yourself.”
Moments later, she arrived at my doorstep. I took her down to the basement. She looked around and gasped in horror. Guess what? It really was a man eating plant.

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