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Sam’s New Hair Writers’ Cramp

Sam’s New Hair Writers’ Cramp

Sam Adams
One day looked at the mirror
And what did he see?

An old man
With an old man’s
lack of hair
staring at him.

He went to a hair specialist
Who did a hair weave
Sam Adams went home
Looked at the man
In the mirror.

And saw a much younger man
With a full head of luxurious hair
The hair weaved worked.

He went out to celebrate
Ending up in a bar
On the wrong side of town.

Had a bit too much to drink
Feeling young and foolish
Got into a fight at the bar
When someone called him an old man.

Ended up in the hospital
Had to have stitches on his face
Had to get rid of his new hair.

Went home
Looked at the mirror
Saw the old man
With no hair.

and accepted
His fate.

NEW PROMPT: Tomorrow, October 1, is National Hair Day. Write your story or poem about someone who has hair problems, and how they're resolved.

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