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by Dylan
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I wrote this after I was hurt by a girl I liked who led me on and made me thinkshelikedme
Self harm scars cover my arms,
Reaching to pick up my firearm.

I want to kill you, make you pay,
‘I’m sorry’ is all you had to say!
All you had to do,
Was show some remorse,
But everything was a lie, of course.

You made me believe I had a chance,
You knew I was easy, at first glance!
I was so stupid to actually believe,
That you would fall in love with me.

You destroyed my life,
Now I’ll destroy yours,
I will forever have the final score!

I will shut you up,
I will end your terror,
So you never hurt another person like this.

I hope you’ve had your kicks,
I hope you’re happy with the deep scars on my wrist!
You were the blade that danced across my skin,
I’m not going to let you fucking win!

Now you’re dead,
In a pool of your own blood.
Your eyes open, the look of dread.
I’m standing over you,
Wearing a massive grin,
Knowing you’ll now,
Never win!
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