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by Rojodi
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2022 NaNoWriMo Prep the Protagonist Character Profile
Oct 3 Character Protagonist Profile

Name: Mikołaj Alexandre-Duquesne Lockwood

Birthday: July 20, 1964
Place of birth: Charlottestown NY
Parents: Andrzej/Andrew and Maria (nee Des Jardins)
What was important to the people who raised him: Grandparents
Siblings: sisters, Stephanie, Regina, and Veronica
Economic/social status growing up: lower middle class
Ethnic background: Polish (dad), French and Mohawk (mom)
Places lived: Charlottestown
Education: Binnekill High School, La Chasse College
Favorite subject in school: Math
Jobs: Author, private investigator, computer software engineer

Friends: Sunitra Joshi, Mary-Ellen Douglas, Analise Bruijn
How do people view this character: Amiable, Empathetic
Dating, marriage: Widower
Children: None
Relationship with God:

Overall outlook on life: Sunny but with doubt
Does this character like himself: Yes
What personal demons haunt him: His wife’s death; her ghost doesn’t visit
Is he lying to himself about something:
Optimistic/pessimistic: Optimistic
Real/feigned: Real

Physical appearance
Body type: Short, athletic
Posture: almost perfect
Head shape: Oval
Eyes: dark brown
Nose: Twice broken
Mouth: Almost full lips
Hair: black with red or silver highlights, depending on the season
Skin: olive/”Perma-tan”
Tattoos/piercings/scars: 6 inches below left eye, 3 inches above
What people notice first: The scar and his glasses
Clothing: Leather or loud
Health/disabilities/handicaps: Near-sighted

Personality type (choleric, sanguine, phlegmatic, melancholy): Sanguine
Strongest/weakest character traits: Strength empathetic, weak talkative
How much self-control and self-discipline does he have: Not much when it comes to women
What makes him irrationally angry: Bullying
What makes him cry: “Brian’s Song”
Fears: Heights
Talents: “Ghost Talker”
What people like best about him: He makes them feel good

Interests and favorites
Political leaning: Liberal!
Collections: Books!!
Food, drink: Yes, please, no fish!
Music: Disco, 1970s guitar, love songs
Books: MANY, and has written 11
Sports, recreation: Soccer, watches
Did he play in school: YES!
Best way to spend a weekend:
A great gift for this person:
Pets: Cats his sisters have brought him
Vehicles: 1970 Plum Crazy Plymouth Hemi ‘Cuda “resto-mod”

Typical expressions
When happy: Eyes sparkle
When angry: Eyes narrow
When frustrated: Tight lipped
When sad: Cries

Laughs or jeers at: Dad jokes
Ways to cheer up this person: Sex
Ways to annoy this person: Bullying and stupidity
Hopes and dreams: To talk with his late wife again
How does he see himself accomplishing these dreams: She comes to him
Greatest success: Finding lost children
Biggest trauma: Murder of his wife
Most embarrassing thing that ever happened to him: Tripping on stage at high school graduation
What does he care about most in the world: Helping people who’ve lost loved ones
Does he have a secret: YES

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