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A reality check and new perspective on some hard-to-hear truths.
I want to talk about something very important but let me make something very clear off the bat. I am an American and very proud to be an American. What I am about to say does not lessen my love for my country. Also, let me make it clear what I am saying is aimed specifically at Christian Americans, even more specifically, those patriotic American Christians. What I am going to say, I say out of love for you, our country, and most of all our God.

Somewhere along the line, our love for our country has overridden our love for our God. We are one nation UNDER God, but over the past few years or so, it seems to have been changed to one nation OVER God. I feel it is my duty to point out that the Constitution of the United States of America does not override, overpower, or supercede the Laws of God's Word. Before the Constitution, there was the Word. Do not get me wrong, I love and respect the Constitution but Christians need to do some hard thinking and some studying. The attitude of today's Christians is very troubling because they seem to think the Constitution overrides the Bible.

Let's look at the very first Amendment that grants American's the right to free speech. I see and hear so many Christians shouting about their freedom of speech, they are going to say what they want, how they want; when they want...and no one can do anything about it, cos that is their right. They become billgerant, puffed up as if they dare you to argue or try to stop them. They don't care what other people think, they don't care if the truth offends someone, they have something to say and by darn, they are going to say it!

Well, that is in direct conflict with what God's Word says. God's word tells us we do NOT have freedom of speech. It says there is the power of life and death in the tongue and God tells us to bridle our tounges! God's Word says a LOT about what we should or should not say and he warns us clearly we will be held accountable for everything we say...every idle word that flows from our mouth. Don't take my word for it, look it up yourself! Read what God's Word says for yourself.

Now, let's really get down and dirty, shall we? How about your Amendment to keep and bare arms? I know a lot of iron-packing, Bible-thumping Christians who'd be all to trigger happy if faced with an enemy. First, let's all understand that Amendment has been taken totally out of the context with which it was written. When it was first penned, it was at a time when the new world was still savage. Guns were a necessity for killing food and protection from preditors. It was not intended for killing a street punk for looking at you wrong. In today's world guns are used for the wrong purposes and let's admit, it has gotten far out of hand. Yes, maybe they do make you feel safe. Maybe they do offer a way to protect your family. What does God's Word say?

God's Word does not say kill those who threaten you, hurt you or offend you. It never says take up arms and destroy your enemy. In fact, God's Word says LOVE your enemy! Pointing a gun at someone is not exactly showing love. Killing does not show love. God's Word tells you to do GOOD to those who do wrong to you. God's Word says PEOPLE are NOT the enemy. God's Word says God has given us all the weapons we will ever need to defeate the REAL enemy...Thou Shall NOT kill. Four simple, direct words. How hard it that to understand? He says very clearly, many times to love one another and do not kill. Yeah, I'm ok and I think God is ok with using guns to hunt and kill food for your family. Pretty sure he's ok with using one to fend off a non-human preditor. But nothing more than that. So dig deep into your Bibles and put those guns back into their rightful places.

During the Pandemic, everything came to a screeching stop. Everything had to close up. I've never heard so many outragged protests from so many Christians about how the church was being prosicuted because churches had to follow government laws and close up as well. Oh how they stomped and yelled and cried about their rights! Outragged, indignant and belligerant they got anti-government real quick! Do you think God agreed?

Better dig deep into your Bibles, cos God's Word tells us to obey government officials as if unto the Lord! That's like all you parents telling your kids to obey the babysitter as they do you. How does a parent feel when they come home and find out their child disobeyed the babysitter? Does it make them proud of their child? God very clearly tells us the weight of the Government is on HIS shoulders. NO ONE is appointed unless he decrees it! Yes, even the ones we would consider "bad". He has a reason for them as well. God's Word tells us to pray for our leaders. How many times have you prayed for your leaders? Do you even know everyone's names?

Amercian Chrsitans wouldn't even know real religious persicution if they came face to face with it. Yes, like everyone else, churches had to close down. That wasn't targeted at chrurches only. Yes, Christians were expected to wear masks...like everyone else. That was not persecution. The Government was not making it illegal to be a Christian, the Government was not mandating that we were to pray to a specific deity or object....they were not martering saints, but you would have thought so the way so many Christians talked and behaved during a time when we could have shone a bright light on Jesus...

There are several other amendments in the Constitution that are in direct conflict with the Word of God. I've talked about just a few. Now I challenge you to study, compare the amendments to the commandments and then tell me what you learn. Tell me the conflicts you discover.

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