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Visual scenes in my mind, trying to bring sleep

Mantra One

Sometimes I have trouble going to sleep at the end of my day.  Over the years I've developed Mantras and visually see them in my mind, slowing my breathing and emptying my head.  This is the first one..

         She appears like a ghost at the top of the village street.  She looks around, drawing her grey shawl up over her head, draping it over her face.  She does not want to be seen.  She is disobeying her husband by being here and he will divorce her if he finds out.  Then she would be exiled or worse, stoned. Thankfully, he works at night.

         Looking down the long street surrounded on both sides by small houses, she sees her goal, a house far down on the left. All the houses are dark except for this one. Flickering candlelight escapes around the tapestry covered doorway.

         She starts moving slowly, her feet whispering on the stone street.  Soon she stops in front of the lit house.  Taking another look around, she lifts the tapestry and slips inside.

         In front of her is an enclosed fireplace, separating the two main rooms. To her right, she sees men and boys sprawled on the floor, listening to a tall, bearded man in a white robe.  HE'S teaching love and forgiveness in a quiet melodious voice.

         To her left is a small rug-covered ledge, tucked in behind the fireplace. Bending down, she crawls in.  Lying down, she covers herself with the warm rugs.  Looking through the fireplace, she listens to the voice.  HE continues speaking but for a moment, HE inclines his head to the side, nodding to her.  She slowly drifts into sleep, feeling safe and comforted by HIS voice.

         WC 306

I visualize each step she takes, moving very slowly.  My breathing slows down and my brain becomes quieter.

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