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brainstorming, notes, ideas etc

Dragon: Small...can fit in the palm of your hand...with shimmery iridescent butterfly-like wings. Gets hiccups when nervous with disastrous consequences. Name: Skylark.

Unicorn: Name: Talisman. rich caramel in color with a flaxen mane and tail almost white in color.

Supreme Mystical Ruler of The Wishing Star: Angel of Destiny. Can teleport by sparkling. Most powerful of magical powers. Queen Fushia (maybe?) dark olive complexion with shimmery silvery hair and massive angel wings.

Puppy/Dog: lonely, dejected, and rejected. homeless. Unloved. Crushed in spirit...agrees to help the magical duo.

Cat: sassy and snarky. laughs and teases others but deep down is not so bad...helps the duo. Name: Sadie

Girl 1: her parents are in a horrible divorce and she's being used to hurt the other...stuck in the middle. Name: Kimmy

Boy 1: he's a scared kid caught up in a gang who only wants a loving family. Name: Zack

Girl 2: Names: Cara & Jayla - twins whose mommy is very sick and daddy has no idea how to relate to his girls. Family falling apart. The children are 7/

Boy 2: Names: Trevor & Tony - Dad is in the military had just re-stationed in a new city. The boys, 10 & 13 must start all over at a new school and find their places in a new environment.


This is a story about a dragon and unicorn who dwell with other mystical beings on The Wishing Star. The Wishing Star is where all the wishes made upon stars go. The magical beings that live on the star then grant the wishes made from the purest of hearts. The wishes are what give the beings their magical powers.

However, The Wishing Star and everything on it is slowly fading away. These days, very few people bother making wishes on stars, they barely even notice stars. The leader (yet to be determined) of The Wishing Star has sent several beings to Earth in search of believers willing to make wishes but all who have been sent, have failed. In one last attempt, they gather up the very last of the magic still in existence and send a very unlikely duo...a tiny dragon and a unicorn to Earth to find someone able to rekindle the belief in wishes.

On Earth, the dragon's wings are transformed into beautiful iridescent butterfly wings and the unicorn's horn disappears and now the unicorn looks like a mini pony. ONLY children and animals and very few adults, only adults who truly still believe in magic can see them...this allows them to move freely in our world.

They will meet a sad, homeless dog who has no name. He's been living a long time on the street and he agrees to help the duo on their mission. They will meet a sassy, kinda snarky housecat who laughs and teases them but in the end, helps them as well.

They will meet and help a little girl whose parents are going through a very hostile and bitter divorce. She is caught in the middle and is suffering. They will meet and help a young boy caught up in a gang and all he really wants is to find a family that loves him. There will be two other children...but their details have not yet been figured out.

All those children will eventually believe enough to make wishes. Their wishes will be granted but not in ways they are expecting. The homeless pup will be rewarded by being turned into a magical being and allowed to return to the Wishing Star with the duo.

There is A LOT still left to figure out. I've never written a story with a dragon before..much less a unicorn! What kind of world is it on The Wishing Star? How much do I write about that world? WHERE should my story start?? So many details I still have to figure out! Names...what do I name a dragon or unicorn?? Something mystical and magical but easy for children to say.

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