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by Norman
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The cat asked for a break.
There was a temporary truce,
the cat asked for a break.
The dog was just about to pounce -
he'd now made a mistake!

The dog thought he’d seen all the tricks,
this cat had used them all.
Now when the dog was moving in,
the cat had made this call.

But in his heart the dog knew that
he had to take this pause.
If he continued his attack
the cat would use its claws.

The dog could still remember when
those claws had swept his nose.
So just before he jumped the cat
he held his leaping pose.

What was this darn cat up to now?
The dog just sat and stared.
But even though the cat was trapped,
he didn’t look real scared.

In fact, that cat just looked at him
and gave him a big smile,
as if he was in charge of things
and had been all the while.

Well, this confused the dog so much,
the cat caught him off guard.
That’s when the cat jumped in the air
and struck the poor hound hard.

That dumb dog fell for it again,
the cat fooled him once more.
Before he even turned his head,
the cat flashed out the door.

You know this game was never fair.
That dog is just too nice.
He wished the cat would leave him be
and just chase after mice.

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