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A couple unwilling to admit their love and to come together, though they both want to.
Too Stubborn

We got mad at each other again today
Why oh why do we have to be this way
Where there should be words there is only silence
Where there should be warmth, we only find cold

We got mad at each other again today
Yet we wonder why we are this way
Neither willing to budge
Each of us to stubborn

We say so much when we say nothing
The other left to what the voices said
Both wiling the other dead
Still, we are too stubborn

In some ways we known we'll be alright
For now, swear we are only avoiding a fight
Neither of us will get much sleep tonight
Yet, we are too stubborn

While both wish this vicious cycle to end
To hold each other again
For the current nightmare to find it's zen
Sadly, we are too stubborn

We are humans after all each with their own flaws
Sometimes making the wrong call
Though hopeful for the love under it all
Maybe we won't be too stubborn.
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